When you drive down towards the beautiful, white elegant main building of Hindemae manor, you know that you are about to have quite an exceptional vacation or corporate event. 

The main building of Hindemae manor and the surrounding area have everything that comes to mind at the mention of a Funen manor. The plain white main building with the red tile roof and the double main staircase welcome family vacations, offering room for several generations - while the magnificent green surroundings invite to quality time together, and cosy hours in exceptional setting not found anywhere in traditional vacation homes. The same applies to business guests who wish to replace the standard facilities of the conference centre with a setting that gives inspiration for work with strategies, sale and other important agendas.

Holiday at the manor

Hindemae is very elegantly and luxuriously furnished. This creates the exceptional setting for an exceptional vacation at the manor. The sense of history can be felt everywhere in the lofty rooms where the renovated and the classic meet in modern furniture and details.

The result is a vacation gem like no other - and vacation experiences that last longer than most.

The wine cellar offers exceptional opportunities

The large wine cellar under Hindemae is furnished to offer special opportunities to the guests at the manor. It can seat 60 guests, which makes it an ideal venue for celebrations, anniversaries and corporate events, and a perfect place for large family vacations in Hindemae and for gathering together after yet another eventful vacation day.

Exceptional history

Today Hindemae is an exciting place and just as exceptional as its history. Since 1839, Hindemae has been in the family of the current owner, Baron Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff. Back then, the property used to be part of a large complex of several Funen country houses and manors.

In other words, Hindemae was uninhabited for generations, which, from a purely architectural and historical perspective turned out to be an advantage - also for the many guests visiting the exceptional setting.

This way, Hindemae avoided extensive alterations and modernisations in times when people did not care as much about original materials as we do today. This means that part of the original interior of Hindemae is still preserved. This applies, for example, to the nicely preserved aristocratic French wallpaper, the beautiful original carpentry, the old pier glass and the fine stucco ceilings.

Useful information

The large white main building on Hindemae can accommodate 24 guests.

There are 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (one with a hot tub), 3 lounges and a dining area as well as 2 guest toilets.

Hindemae has a large activity room with table football, air hockey, billiards, table tennis and darts.