A Modern Trip to the Hilltop

Louisehøj offers something truly special both inside and out: The modern and beautifully furnished 360 m2 home has room for everyone and features an exceptionally stunning view from its hilltop location east of Tirsbæk Estate, providing a splendid backdrop. In short: You will be looking forward to a modern trip to the hilltop!

You sense the green surroundings and the beautiful nature around Louisehøj as soon as you arrive in the area around Tirsbæk Estate, located just seven kilometres east of Vejle Fjord. From the very first moment, you will feel welcome in the hilly and green landscape, which warmly welcomes you and your guests alike.

Louisehøj does the same from its own hilltop in the middle of the landscape. It's just east of the estate itself with its characteristic, three-winged red brick buildings and elegant Renaissance garden design. The buildings date back to 1550, and you immediately feel a historical aura around Tirsbæk Estate.

In other words, the area around Vejle, Tirsbæk Estate, and Louisehøj offers some of Denmark's most beautiful nature, which you become a part of when you stay in and experience this splendid home.

EVERYTHING you could ever need…

Originally, Louisehøj was built as a two-family house for the forest workers of Tirsbæk Estate.

Today, this house has been replaced by a completely modern home that offers EVERYTHING you need to enjoy your stay at Louisehøj.

The renovated and modernised building today stands as a truly beautiful home, where great attention has been paid to interior details. The result is an exceptional and memorable experience for you and those you want to share the experience with. This applies whether you are on vacation enjoying intimacy and self-indulgence or celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other events where you want to offer your guests good company in the lovely surroundings at Louisehøj.

The building can, of course, also be used for smaller and more intimate business meetings, such as a board meeting where you might need some inspiring surroundings.

By the Fjord and on Foot: Explore the beautiful area

Louisehøj itself is the perfect choice for those who want absolute peace. It is for those who wish to enjoy life and vacation alike, in lovely surroundings. It is also a perfect starting point for a wide range of experiences if you prefer a more active holiday or just like to combine the two: Peace, quiet, and experiences.

There are plenty of good reasons to venture out into the beautiful area around Tirsbæk Estate.

From Louisehøj, it is only a 15-minute walk across the field. Then you are at Vejle Fjord, which is a truly lovely recreational and nature-diverse area. As a guest at Louisehøj, you also have direct access to Tirsbæk forests, where you can put on your walking or running shoes and enjoy nature in the beautiful, varied forests.

If you are looking for a completely different kind of experience, perhaps shopping opportunities, Bredballe Center is only a 15-minute drive away.

A very special P.S.: As something truly special, as a guest at Louisehøj, you can order guided wine tours, ending with a wine tasting of the estate's own wines down at Tirsbæk Winery. This is a highly recommended activity.