Historic and charming base in an active area

A group of friends on their annual long weekend. The family holiday, where several generations get together. A golf or mountain biking team on a pleasant workout trip in pursuit of challenges… For all of them Røde Mølle is a charming base right in the heart of one of the most active areas on the beautiful South Funen.

Woodlands, lakes, sea and the nearby Hvidkilde Gods, that Røde Mølle is a part of, put a green and luxuriant lining to your trip to South Funen. In addition, there are a large number of activities, opportunities and attractions very close by. All this is within close range from Røde Mølle, which makes it easy for all participants in the trip to set out and indulge in their favourite pastime - and then return to the camaraderie and cosiness of Røde Mølle. 

Something out of the ordinary

Røde Mølle often houses guests who want to meet in a different setting - on a trip that goes beyond the ordinary. More inspirational, poetic and with plenty of nature at all sides.

To a great extent this makes Røde Mølle the perfect place for an overnight family gathering, or for a slightly more formal occasion such as round birthdays, receptions, confirmations or other family celebrations on the agenda. Or what about the wedding with its memorable pictures taken outdoors and the feast until sunrise indoors? 

The MTB team on training trip - with single tracks very close by

Mountain biking is one of the sports that have been on the rise in Denmark in recent years. This applies also to South Funen, where the local club Skovhuggeren (The Logger) has built one of Denmark's biggest and finest MTB facilities in Egebjerg Bakker. This facility, with marked-out tracks and path, is located only 2 kilometres away from Røde Mølle on Hvidkilde Gods soil.

16 km of single tracks have already been built in forest and timber shoot overlooking the South Funen Archipelago, and when the facility is complete, there will be 7 more km of MTB trail with challenges on all levels and with fine technical elements. At the same time, it is easy to buy access and passes for the facility.

Many hours of sunshine are not guaranteed but who needs sun when the mountain bike track is the right one.

Golf guests at Røde Mølle

Svendborg Golf Club course is located in Sørup - less than 2 kilometres from Røde Mølle.

It is an 18-hole golf course in the hilly landscape typical for South Funen.

The course has some high spots for advanced golf players with low handicap who like challenges, as well as for less experienced players who enjoy the combination of beautiful nature, good company and plenty of good golf. The highest points of the course offer fantastic views over the South Funen Archipelago, among other things with Ærø on the horizon.

At many holes there are water hazards on the greens. There are challenges for both your long and your short game, and there is putting on greens which, according to the club itself, is among the fastest in Denmark.

The club also has a nice and exciting 9-hole course for a bit faster rounds, or for golfers who enjoy challenging play on all 27 holes.

Every year Røde Mølle welcomes golf guests who often come in little larger groups from clubs across Denmark. All are on the lookout for new and exciting golf experiences - combined with a feeling of cosiness and good company at Røde Mølle.

Family holiday - with peace and quiet and activities for everyone

Røde Mølle is an El Dorado as far as experiences go, offering lots of experiences on all sides and with something close by for every taste. For the large family who gather together for a pleasant mini break. For all generations. For those who want to stay at Røde Mølle with a good book or enjoy homely atmosphere with supper. For those who want to set off to explore South Funen. In the charming Svendborg, in the South Funen Archipelago or in the incredibly picturesque forest landscape with archipelago trail and marked-out path surrounding both Røde Mølle and Hvidkilde Gods. There are many experiences near Røde Mølle both within walking and within driving distance. From golf to mountain biking, from Gorilla Park to angling. Røde Mølle is perfect for a pleasant weekend with the whole family.

Useful information

The old water mill Røde Mølle has 1 room with 2 single beds and 9 rooms with a double bed of which 5 of them have 1 double sofa bed. There is 1 room with a double bed and 2 double sofa beds.There is a large lawn with play area which is part of the holiday property.

There is a nice courtyard with garden furniture and a cottage where you can sit outside and have a barbecue.

The property comprises two separate wings with a total of 10 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a lounge, a dining area for 45 people and a large kitchen.

For companies, there are a number of high-quality catering companies nearby that will gladly deliver to Røde Mølle.