Just drive along the lake, take a right turn, and then it is right there in front of you: The magnificent Sophienlyst Castle. With its elegant white buildings, topped with black roofs, the geometrical architecture, and a heavenly view, the castle is ready for adventurous parties and unique holidays!

As you drive towards Sophienlyst Castle, you first see the fantastic nature surrounding the castle near the village of Føns on the west coast of Fyn. The small white castle is well hidden in the green landscape but suddenly appears at the edge of a large lake where you will find lots of species of birds absolutely thriving.

If you have your car packed with the wedding dress, bridal bouquet, and a handsome suit because you have chosen to have your dream wedding be at Sophienlyst Castle, it will send a shiver down your spine when you arrive at this beautiful castle, thinking: "Wow, this is where we're going to have our wedding..."

It could also be that you have another reason to celebrate at the castle. A milestone birthday, a silver or golden wedding anniversary, a jubilee. Or maybe just a holiday with the family, looking for something quite out of the ordinary. One of those vacations you never forget because the surroundings were so unique. All of the above-mentioned, are occasions Sophienlyst Castle will surely turn into an unforgettable experience.

Room for plenty of overnight guests

The castle is geared for celebrations with the right facilities. A well-functioning banquet hall, kitchen facilities, parking space, cozy side rooms, and, importantly, room for many overnight guests. Sophienlyst Castle does not just have 16 elegant, cozy double rooms. The castle also has a small "bridal suite" with a fantastic view of the lake in the castle's backyard and some rooms with multiple beds, suitable for the younger participants of the party. The castle enjoys the cozy, shared sleeping arrangements. Overall, there's room for 44 overnight guests at the castle itself, which traditionally corresponds to a party with about 100 guests. The rest will naturally drive home or find alternatives in the area.

Kitchen facilities and a variety of rooms

In the castle's professional kitchen area, there's the opportunity to prepare food yourself or arrange food delivered by an external provider. There's also a prep kitchen near the small dining room, increasing flexibility for hosting a larger party at Sophienlyst Castle.

In general, the castle is flexible regarding hosting parties, corporate events, and large family vacations. The castle has many different types of rooms for everything from board meetings to retreat spaces when guests need to stretch their legs during the party. There are many small and cozy corners around the castle, providing space for peace and enjoying the view on both sides of the castle.

Fantastic photo opportunities

The view and the location right by Fønsvang Lake, which is incidentally Fyn's second largest lake, provide fantastic photo opportunities for both hosts and guests. Wonderful party photos can be taken on the lawn between the castle and the lake and in the opposite direction, towards the castle. The lake is also a popular spot for many wading birds, with a population including everything from swans, ducks, and geese to sandpipers, nightingales, Arctic terns, and green woodpeckers.

Unusual and inspiring settings for corporate events

It could also be that you need unusual settings for a corporate event. The board meeting, the small conference, crucial negotiations. An event where the classic (and uninspiring) business venue with glass and steel doesn't provide enough inspiration. Where unique settings are needed both indoors and outdoors, so the assembly can both focus whilst also venturing into nature if fresh air, a clear mind, or a walk-and-talk are needed.