The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is situated on Zealand and offers adventures for the whole family. Here you can see Amalienborg where the Queen lives, have a family day in Tivoli or go on a shopping spree on Strøget.

In Elsinore in North Zealand is Kronborg, famous from the William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. You will also find Ogier the Dane in the basement. According to legend he is sound asleep and will wake up the day Denmark is threatened by enemies.

In the southern Zealand lies the amusement park BonBon-Land: It all started after the sweet factory in Holme-Olstrup came up with the popular sweets bearing fun names like Hundeprutter (Dog farts) and Mågeklatter (Seagull droppings).

On the South Sea island Lolland lies Knuthenborg, which is famous for its safari park.