The Old Dairy in Gjerrild is a beautiful house that has many options, and it is the setting for cosy get-togethers and a base for many experiences. The personalised dairy has a banquet hall and four charming holiday apartments.

In many of Denmark’s smaller towns, there used to be a number of buildings with central functions for the local area. For example, the station building, the inn, the hotel, the corner shop and even the dairy. Today, the same functions are unnecessary, but the buildings have been preserved and used for other purposes. The Old Dairy in Gjerrild is an excellent example of this. 
As early as 1966, dairy production in Gjerrild ceased due to centralisation in the dairy industry, which in turn meant that the beautiful classic buildings were released for other purposes. For example, like here, as elegant holiday apartments. 

Colourful holiday setting for families
Since 1977, the Christensen family has owned the dairy, making The Old Dairy a cosy and charming setting for guests’ parties and holidays. For holidaymakers, it’s all about the four smoke-free holiday apartments with colourful names: The Orange Suite and the Red Suite on the ground floor and the Green and Purple Suites on the first floor of the elegant dairy building.
The apartments are designed and sized to be ideal for families on holiday in Gjerrild, Grenå and the surrounding area. They are designed for two adults and two children, and each of the four apartments has a private bathroom and a kitchenette (without an oven).
The interior design of the four apartments is humorous, personal and atmospheric, making good use of the dairy building’s many unique nooks and crannies. Everything is kept in the four colour themes that are reflected in the apartment names. The result is four holiday apartments that are unlike most holiday apartments. 
There are also several shared facilities for families, including a large terrace with a fountain and the garden in front of the dairy, where you can spend some lovely hours. There is table tennis and various board games on the first floor for the competitive types. There is free parking and charging facilities for electric cars.

The area invites you to experiences and activities

Located near Grenå and on Denmark’s “nose”, the scenic area offers a wide range of experiences and activities. The village of Gjerrild is surrounded by forest and beach, so there are many opportunities for hiking and cycling in the area, which is one of Denmark’s beautiful green corners. It is only two kilometres to a fine pebble and fishing beach for those interested in fishing, where there are plenty of chances to cast a hook and line in the water. Gjerrild Nordstrand is a good swimming beach, only four kilometres away. One of the area’s beautiful nature experiences is Gjerrild Klint, which is only two kilometres from The Old Dairy. In other words, there are many opportunities to combine experiences and activities. Foodies can visit both Gjerrild Inn and Sostrup Castle for local culinary experiences.

At the same time, guests are only a short distance from many attractions that welcome them, which range from the Kattegat Centre and Ree Park to the Danish Agricultural Museum, the Frigate Jylland, the entire Mols Bjerge and many other attractions.

Atmospheric dairy hall is The Old Dairy’s banqueting hall

There is an intimate and cosy atmosphere in the dairy’s main hall, which seats 70 guests.

The gallery can seat 54 people, and the downstairs can seat 16.

It can be for birthdays, weddings, receptions, family celebrations and many other festive occasions where a cosy setting is needed.

There is a bar in the hall with a fridge and kitchenette with a fridge, dishwasher, four-burner hob, oven, and various pots and pans.

It is possible to order food for a party from the nearby Gjerrild Inn.

The hall is heated either via gas or wood-burning stoves. You bring your own gas/firewood or buy it from the landlord.