Here you will find companies that can assist you with various arrangements for your party. You will make the arrangements with the companies yourself - we simply provide contact information. Please note, that we cannot guarantee that the companies necessarily have English versions of their sites. 


ABC Event

Event company, wedding planner, DJ, and hot dog cart for late-night snacks.


Nordic planners

Will be with you from the start of planning to the actual day.



Installation of defibrillators and offers First Aid Corses


Award-winning wedding photographer and videographer.



Styling of wedding cakes and party cakes, to perfectly fit your personal need.



Get the wedding cake you have always dreamed of.



Have all of your favorite hits played at your party.



Delivers all of the grand rock- and pop hits, that will fill the whole venue.


Mette Jersild

Dance teacher with 30 years of experience in bachelor parties, teaching the Danish bridal waltz, or dancing lessons for the guests at the party.