The Manor Jerstrup is situated in the idyllic landscape near Bogense on North Funen. The manor is fringed with a nice double moat, which creates a noble atmosphere around the manor. Harridslevgaard Castle bought this fantastic building in 2007 with the intention to restore The Manor Jerstrup to its original state. This has resulted in a unique opportunity to experience a bit of Denmark's history in lovely newly-renovated surroundings.

Spread over 35,000 sq m area of natural beauty, Jerstrup Manor is the perfect place to combine history with the fantastic nature of Funen. At The Manor Jerstrup you can indeed use the expression “Funen is fine!”. The manor is furnished in the most beautiful and elegant style with great attention to detail. There are no words to describe the newly renovated Manor Jerstrup - it must be experienced in all its glory.

Party or corporate event

At The Manor Jerstrup it is possible to arrange events for up to 72 people. As a tenant you are welcome to take care of catering, drinks etc. yourself, but the manor is also happy to assist with catering and waiting staff. All premises, service, tables and chairs are included in the rent.