If your holiday or family weekend is to be held in a different setting, you can rent part of Edelsminde three months before arrival. This partial rental gives you the use of Knud’s Flat which accommodates a total of 18 guests.

The flat may be accessed from either your own parking area outside Edelsminde proper or from the courtyard. There are six double rooms two of which have sofa beds. There is room for an additional two guests on a sofa bed in a passage room on the ground floor. The flat has three bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room and is ideal for accommodating 18 guests for several days.

Party guests and family holiday – with tranquillity and activities for everyone

There are plenty of things to experience in the area around Edelsminde - and there is something close by for every taste; for overnight party guests with the time for extra experiences; for the large family meeting for a cosy (and active) break for all ages and for those who want to explore South Funen. Whether this is charming Svendborg, the South Funen Archipelago or the incredibly beautiful forested landscape with its archipelago trail and marked route that takes you past both Hvidkilde Manor and Edelsminde, there are many experiences close by within both walking and driving distance. From golf to mountain biking, from the Gorilla Park to fishing.