If we were to describe Tirsbæk Manor in one word, we would say ”beautiful”. Fortunately, we do not have to because Tirsbæk Manor is so much more and offers you tranquillity, inspiration, experiences, beautiful facilities and lots of amazing opportunities.

Tirsbæk Manor is anything but a "hotel factory" with a large number of rooms lying side by side in hallway after hallway. On the contrary, it is far more unique and exclusive with five double rooms (please note that two of the double beds are only 140 cm wide), one single room and the possibility of two extra beds in the nicely decorated rooms (against extra charges).

Both private and professional guests take this opportunity when they need a special experience in a magnificent setting and beautiful scenery - supplemented by a wide range of activities.

Unique venue for professionals

For professional guests visiting Tirsbæk Manor, the manor provides inspiration for different and inspiring meetings in a special atmosphere. The meeting facilities are top notch and it is possible to leave the meeting room to find new inspiration for an important agenda, e.g. by taking walks in the estate's huge renaissance garden, off-roading in Land Rovers, clay pigeon shooting, going on hunting trips or Land Rover picnic’n’drinks. These experiences provide exciting and fun breaks from the meetings and the opportunity to return with new perspectives on any issues.

The former barn buildings have been renovated from top to bottom and transformed into state-of-the-art office facilities and, every year, Tirsbæk Manor forms the backdrop for several corporate events as well as professional leadership training courses.

Private guests spice up their stay with experiences

Of course, private guests have exactly the same opportunities to spice up their stay at Tirsbæk Manor with a variety of experiences. Many pleasant hours can be spent in the Renaissance garden, shooting clay pigeons or taking guided hunting trips. You can also explore the terrain by Land Rover or just enjoy the place and the atmosphere, the peace and tranquillity - and all the greenery around the manor in the lovely nature around Vejle.

Once you have rented the Manor, there is access to the open part of the garden and, as recently as 2010, the landscaping around the estate underwent a thorough restoration. If you have booked Tirsbæk Manor, you can rent Slotsstalden at a discount, which is both a restaurant and an exclusive function room.

Engaged owner adds energy

Today, the owner and general manager of Tirsbæk Manor is Hans Henrik Algreen-Ussing who also lives in one of the wings of the Manor. In addition to his great and long-standing commitment to making Tirsbæk Manor a unique meeting place and accommodation for both professional and private guests, he adds lots of personality to the place and offers the opportunity to purchase personalised tours. During these, he speaks both proudly and excitedly about the family estate where he is the fourth generation.

A history full of good stuff

Looking back on the history of the Manor, it has evolved from a medieval castle during the Renaissance to the modern version where Tirsbæk Manor is managed as a combined agricultural and forest enterprise with the rental of rooms, office facilities and meeting facilities to guests from home and abroad.

The property is 182 hectares, 11 hectares of meadow, 200 hectares of forest and approximately 11 acres of park.

Tirsbæk Manor is located on the northern shore of Vejle Fjord some 7 km east of Vejle between tall, wooded slopes in a side valley to Vejle Fjord. The three-winged building was built on a medieval rampart by Iver Lunge. The castle's northern and eastern wings date from approximately 1550, whereas the tower and western wing were added in 1577. The estate was drastically transformed in the mid-18th century when the large park was also established as a terraced Renaissance garden to the east of the castle.

Even our great, world-renowned fairy-tale poet H.C. Andersen visited Tirsbæk Manor. He did so on Wednesday 16 June 1830, and he wrote in his diary of the visit: “The estate is quite antique with shooting holes, moats and a drawbridge and with a great tower, where I saw an awful dungeon where large iron rings were still found in the wall ”.

Today, there are no guests in the "awful dungeon". Instead, they stay in the beautiful rooms of Tirsbæk Manor which is much more than just beautiful. It is also packed with tranquillity and activities, historical charm and modern amenities.