When you arrange trainings or celebrations at Pindstrup Centret you have at your disposal lots of beautiful nature right on your doorstep and some practical benefits inside. Everything is to your benefit and at the same time makes a difference, because the centre is run by the Pindstrup Centret Commercial Foundation, which arranges trainings for families with children with disabilities as well as holiday camps for children with and without disabilities.

Pindstrup Centret is a very popular and frequently used training centre - as well as a party venue in the heart of all Djursland's natural delights. The centre is located on 20 barrels of land in the middle of a large natural reserve offering peace and inspiration by the dozens just outside your door and windows.

In addition, Djursland is located between Randers, Grenaa and Aarhus, which lies just 35 kilometres from the centre. Aarhus Airport is only 15 km away, which is of interest for the many companies, which stay at the centre themselves or bring guests from outside.

Service, service and service

One of the things that make the guests of Pindstrup Centret come back time and time again is the good service. It is delivered by professional staff members who manage to combine professional attitude with personal touch. They are efficient and helpful, smiling and friendly. In other words, they are close to the guests at all times so that the guests can feel that the staff are there for them. 

Personal touch with great flexibility

You can add your personal touch to your event at Pindstrup Centret, whether a professional training or a private party. The centre has a flexible way of thinking and working. For example, it is entirely up to the guests to decide whether their event should be with or without food or with or without staff. There are several exciting food suppliers in the vicinity that can be booked to cater your event at Pindstrup Centret and there is an option to order staff to serve and clean up. It is also possible to bring a chef to prepare the food on site at the centre.

All in all, there are all sorts of possibilities and configurations when arranging private celebrations and professional events at the scenic Djursland. And guests have full access to all of the centre's many amenities, and, of course, Pindstrup Centret is handicap-friendly.

The rent goes to a special cause

Celebrations, receptions, birthdays and weddings for private guests. Corporate events and trainings for companies, associations and other professional guests. There are many good reasons to meet at Pindstrup Centret. For the many guests year-round it is also important that the profit from letting out the centre goes to the special cause to arrange trainings for families with children with disabilities and holiday camps for children with and without disabilities.