Valdemar’s Castle is situated on Tåsinge close to the old skipper’s town Troense just in front of the Archipelago with a view to the islands, Thurø and Langeland. The beautiful and charismatic Gatehouses each have a holiday home. The Northern Gatehouse has a panoramic view to the Archipelago, and can accommodate 16 persons, and has 7 bedrooms, an activity room with billiard and 4 bathrooms. Further the house has a hall, a dining room, a living room and a well-equipped kitchen.

History of the castle

Valdemar's Castle was built back in 1639-1644 by King Christian IV for his son Valdemar Christian, hence the name Valdemar's Castle, but Valdemar Christian never got to live in the castle. The Danish naval hero Niels Juel bought the castle in 1678 and began a huge renovation, as the castle was much damaged after the Scanian War. The castle, as we know today with the yellow Gatehouses and the Tea Pavilion, are made by the architect Tchierske, who created the castle complex in the 18th century. Valdemar’s Castle has belonged to the genus Juel since 1678, and today is owned by the 12th generation.

The beach

If you want to go for a swim, you can take a dip in Lunkebugten bay right behind the beautiful Tea Pavilion. There are restrooms and shower close to the parking lot.