Valdemar’s Castle is located near the extremely beautiful and idyllic town of Troense on Tåsinge. Valdemar's Castle was built back in 1644 by King Christian IV for his son Valdemar Christian, hence the name Valdemar's Castle. Niels Juel bought the castle in 1678 for the prize money he had with the king in connection with the Battle of Køge Bay. Barely 100 years later, his grandson bought very large parts of Tåsinge.

Valdemar's Castle is located directly facing the South Funen Archipelago with sweeping vistas over Langeland and Thurø.

Where can I spend my castle holiday at Valdemar's Castle?

In 2000, Valdemar's Castle furnished 2 holiday homes in the idyllic gate houses of the castle, which are part of the main building complex. In addition to the 2 flats, you also have the opportunity to rent the Commander's House on Valdemar's Castle. The property is for 14 people and is situated side by side with the castle with a great view of the Svendborg Sound.

In addition, Valdemar's Castle is only 7 km away from the old market town Svendborg. You can also take a fabulous boat trip on the sound ferry M/S Helge up to Svendborg and experience the old waterway from Tåsinge to Svendborg.