On Langeland lies the incredibly beautiful Tranekær Castle near the small village of Tranekær. The castle can be traced back to the 13th century and in 1241 was transferred to the royal family's Abel line.

In 1645, the prosperous councillor Christian Rantzau received Tranekær Castle as pawn. Margrethe Dorothea, Christian Rantzau's daughter, was the richest heir in Denmark in 1656 and attracted much attention from suitors, including the 31-year count Frederik Ahlefeldt. She became so popular that Frederik Ahlefeldt decided to kidnap Margrethe Dorothea and marry her because her father did not approve of the relationship. As a result, Frederik Ahlefeldt took over Tranekær Castle in 1659 as part of Margrethe Dorothea's dowry. Ever since then, the relatives of the count have occupied Tranekær Castle.

Tranekær Castle is most beautifully surrounded by the old moat with draw-bridge. Since Tranekær Castle at the same time is located at the top of a steep hill, it is known by many as the impregnable castle on Langeland. The current Tranekær Castle consists of two buildings joined at an angle.

Live as Count Ahlefeldt

Through Slotsferie Danmark you can rent accommodation on Ladegården, which until recently used to be the private residence of Count and Countess Ahlefeldt. Ladegården is only a stone's throw from Tranekær Castle where you can explore the castle park with the incredibly beautiful nature around it.

Ladegården has room for as many as 18 people and can be rented together with Tranekær Castle’s large great hall or adjacent premises for arranging trainings, meetings or the like. Please contact us for more information.