The steward's wing of Lundsgaard Gods has it all. Peace and quiet, charm, nature, adventures close by and an exceptional, aesthetically beautiful décor - and so is the place itself a culture oasis amid the magnificent Funen landscape - in the outskirts of idyllic Kerteminde. The manor the steward’s wing is part of is a dynamic place where modern organic farming meets festivals, art exhibitions and other cultural activities at Anexet next to Lundsgaard Gods. All this right on the doorstep of the steward's wing.

The steward’s wing on Lundsgaard Gods is a holiday gem that goes far beyond the ordinary. The place, the location and, last but not least, the uncompromising beauty and antique interior of the rooms make your stay unforgettable. Everything is bright, friendly and lovingly renovated, and the furniture speaks of history and class. In short: a very special holiday experience in a beautiful culture oasis with a view to both the main building and the "manor atmosphere". 

Culture, experiences and history

The owner of the manor, Master of the Royal Hunt, H. H. Rudolf Juel and his wife, jazz singer and creative director, Vini Iuel, have not only transformed Lundsgaard Gods into a modern organic farm. Over the years they have also carried out a number of plans and initiatives in the Anexet culture house , which have opened up the manor to the outside world and invited both culture and guests inside.

This has made Lundsgaard Gods into a living, dynamic and artistic place with many cultural events held throughout the year at Anexet - i.a. concerts, chamber music festival, Jazzy Christmas, Christmas festival, food festival and a local art week. As a guest in the steward's wing you will naturally take part in these experiences - without missing on the peace and relaxation that you probably also seek.

Anexet and Café Agnes H can also serve as a beautiful and well-run setting for different events, including team building, birthdays and many other occasions to gather people together for parties and celebrations in spectacular surroundings.

What is more, this is the place where Agnes Henningsen grew up, hence its name Café Agnes. H. Agnes Henningsen was a Danish writer, public debater, women's rights advocate and mother of the famous lamp designer, architect and film maker Poul Henningsen.

Exquisite luxury for the big family

With the many, well-furnished square metres of the steward’s wing, we often see larger families or groups of friends visit the property. They relish the place for its camaraderie, spirit of togetherness and cosiness, and they indulge in the history surrounding them. The stylish setting creates a special atmosphere around your trip that just won't let go of you so easily. A get-away to the steward's wing, Anexet, Café Agnes H and Lundsgaard Gods is hard to forget and you would want to experience it again.

Kerteminde and the beautiful nature

In addition to the peace and quiet, and the adventures that you can be a part of right on your doorstep at Lundsgaard, the whole area also gives an extra dimension to your experience. The green, soft hills, the fields, the woods, the water right in front of the manor, the bathing opportunities, the walks... The area around Lundsgaard Gods and Kerteminde has it all.

It is Kerteminde precisely that is one of the classic market towns on Funen, where you will find a combination of cosy, well-preserved houses and streets - and adventures for the whole family. From Fjord & Belt Centre to Johannes Larsen Museum and the annual Cherries Festival in the summer.

Useful information

Lundsgaard Gods’ history dates all the way back to 1474 - you can feel the presence of history.

The steward's wing of the manor today is furnished as rented accommodation for 16 people.

It is tastefully decorated on two floors with eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large modern dining kitchen and dining room.

From the 4-room suite there is access to a large terrace and a garden with a magnificent vista over Lundsgaard Forest and Kerteminde Bay.