Brydegaard, as this property is called, is located very close to Helnæsbrugten in beautiful quiet surroundings.

When you enter this house, it's like traveling for 2 ages.

The first thing you encounter is a large nice hall with high ceilings. From here there is access to a large kitchen of more recent date. From here there is further access to the large beautiful living rooms with beautiful old furniture. From the dining room there is access to the terrace and the beautiful garden. On the ground floor there are also 2 bedrooms each with a double bed and 3 toilets and bathrooms.

From the hall there is a large beautiful staircase to the 1st floor. And here awaits a completely different experience. The entire upper floor has been completely renovated, and here are 4 lovely bedrooms - each with a double bed - 2 very nice bathrooms with shower, and a large living room. There is underfloor heating throughout the 1st floor.

If you move out of the courtyard and go up to the top of the plot (to the right of Ny Brydegaard) you will find a greenhouse with an associated terrace. Here you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the water.

Like many other beautiful buildings worthy of preservation, Brydegaard also suffered from harsh modernization in the 1960s and 1970s. Ceilings were lowered and where no ceilings were lowered, small gib plates were mounted between the beams, on the ceiling boards.

Leading Brydegaard back to 1777 has been the goal of the builder Peter Winding. At that time it may have been built as a gazebo, the current lengths did not exist, you had a clear view of the sea, beach and the fat, where the sheep still graze today. Around the year 1800, the beautiful boulders were erected, where not least the "laundry house" with the kettle, øland tiles and the old hearth, is unique.

In expression, the building has much in common with Hagenskov Castle, and it was indeed the same owner, the patron Ryberg, who was behind it. The beautiful neoclassical style, the symmetry of the main building and boulders, the perspective through the living rooms, where one senses the course of history and where King Frederik VII drank beer with farm owner and county governor Hansen, who first leased the farm and then bought it from the King who scratched his name in a of the panes. The window is gone, but in another window, HRH Prince Henrik has put his autograph.

Inside the house, you are still gripped by a sense of pleasure and company. Large swing doors, salon upon salon facing the garden with the beautiful central salon, which together with the main entrance from the courtyard forms the central axis of the house. At the back of the house, towards the laundry room, we find the old cheese cellar and the small cellar that stands in its original form.

Manor atmosphere with an absolutely fantastic cultural landscape all the way back to the ice age around Brydegaard.